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Welcome To Mitchell!

At Mitchell Elementary School, we inspire every student to love learning, achieve ambitious goals, and have a meaningful contribution to our community. We provide all students with an atmosphere of safety and an opportunity to achieve and participate in personalized learning experiences to maximize their fullest potential. 

Encouraging positive behavior

We utilize a good behavior model aimed at creating a therapeutic environment within classrooms. Through this program, students learn important self-management skills while collaborating to make their classroom a peaceful and productive learning environment. Mitchell students start their year with a vision for the classroom in which they discuss what they do and don't want to see. Throughout the year, teachers utilize a positive reward system to achieve that vision through various games and brain breaks. This curriculum helps prevent behavioral concerns and promotes positive relationships between students.

Family Atmosphere

Our staff and faculty work hard to create a calm and inviting atmosphere for students and their families. We want parents involved in the learning process, and we encourage two-way communication frequently through surveys, one-on-one meetings, or even a quick chat in the car line during pickup.

Mentorship opportunities

As a neighborhood school, our faculty takes a personal interest in mentoring our students. By identifying and working through social/emotional learning (SEL) issues, behavior issues have decreased across the school. We seek to create high-quality learning experiences that educate the whole child by meeting his or her social, emotional, and academic needs. With strong social and emotional skills, our students will be able to set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

Mitchell Elementary

Pre-K - 5th Grade

733 N. 73 E. Ave
Tulsa, OK 74115
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Phone: 918-833-8740

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